Jett Noland Joins Hype Motorsports

September 3, 2020 – Jett Noland has signed on with Hype Motorsprots to become the agency’s first client. Hype will handle all aspects of Jett’s brand development as he moves up the ladder to the top tiers of American Motorsports.

“I’m really excited to officially announce our partnership with Hype Motorsports,” said Noland. “We’ve been working together for the last month dialing in my brand and really focusing in on what will move the needle for my sponsors. They’ve built me a new website, overhauled my social media, started developing a new web store, and brought in new partners that we can grow with. I can’t say enough about these guys and their dedication to detail.”

Over the next few months Noland’s fans can expect to see everything from new commercial content, to at track activation, new partnerships with growing brands, and everything in-between as Hype works to create a better connection between driver, brands, and fans.

“We’re thrilled to start this journey with Jett”, said Allick Jorgensen, Hype Motorsports Director of Sales and Marketing. “He’s an up and coming racer who’s in the middle of a break out year as he lead’s the Trans Am TA-2 Rookie of the Year points and enters September with five Pro Late Model Victories to his name. If you’re looking for a talent behind the wheel, you’ve got one in Jett.”

Be on the lookout for plenty of announcements coming soon on Jett Noland’s social media channels Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

– Hype Motorsports Press Release

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Welcome to Hype Motorsports

September 3, 2020 – Welcome to Hype Motorsports. From partnership marketing, to content creation, brand development, and everything in between, Hype Motorsports is a marketing agency created with one thing in mind, taking your brand to the next level.

While a Motorsport focused Marketing Agency isn’t new by any means, Hype Motorsports is designed to outperform the rest. From public relations training, to social media management, boardroom interviews and more, Hype considers every detail in building a driver’s brand off the racetrack so that they can do better on the racetrack.

“We’ve really seen a need to develop a marketing agency that caters to the the developing racer,” said Hype Motorsports Owner Greg Noland. “A lot of agencies in racing either focus too narrowly on one aspect of marketing or they only focus on the top echelon of Motorsports. We think that every driver that joins the Hype Motorsports team deserves individual focus to detail in all aspects of their career, so that they may be a better spokesperson for the companies they represent on the racetrack.”

In a series of announcements over the next several weeks, Hype Motorsports will unveil new partnerships that have been formed with one thing in mind, moving the industry forward. Hype Motorsports will become the gold standard for which drivers and sponsors represent themselves at the racetrack. From at track activation, to merchandising, commercials and more, Hype Motorsports does it all.

Based out of Clermont, Florida, Hype Motorsports is your one stop shop for motorsportscentric brand development. #GetHyped

“After seven years in the racing industry, I’ve seen my fair share of racetracks across America, said Allick Jorgensen, Hype Motorsports Director of Sales and Marketing. “I’ve learned a lot about what moves the needle for sponsors and drive’s partners to this sport. People want to partner with athletes that connect and engage with them on and off the racetrack. We’re going to assist these drivers, teams, and partners in making that connection with fans, brands, and series alike. I truly believe that Hype Motorsports can help be a catalyst for change in American Motorsports.”

We at Hype Motorsports encourage you to join us, as we set out on this quest to to build a better brand and re-engage the ever-growing Motorsports fan-base, or as we like to say #GetHyped.

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Brooke Storer Joins Hype Motorsports

September 7, 2020 – Brooke Storer is the latest driver to join the Hype Motorsports stable. The 2019 NASCAR Drive for Diversity driver, comes into the 2020 season with eight track championships, and more than 140 victories to her name. Storer has partnered with Hype Motorsports to further develop her brand and create new partnerships on and off the track.

Fans can look forward to seeing more engagement on social media networks, at track activation, and a new web store where they can purchase the latest gear that Brooke will be sporting at the racetrack each week. While partners will notice an increase in brand recognition, partnership development, and representation on and away from the racetrack.

If your brand is looking for the right partner, now is the right time to take a look at Brooke. With more than 21,000 followers on Facebook, 10,000 followers on Instagram, and 1,300 followers on Twitter, she has established herself as a fan favorite, and her brand is ever growing.

Brooke joins Hype Motorsports already a brand ambassador for national companies like PFC Brakes, Eibach Springs, Shady Rays, and Forward Bite, and brings expertly curated public relations and marketing training to your brand space.

If you’re interested in partnering with Brooke, please reach out to Hype Motorsports in the form below. With many partnership packages available, Hype Motorsports will tailor make the right experience for your brand.