Hype Motorsports is a full-service marketing and PR agency focused on building brands and launching professional drivers. Hype creates custom content, branded packages, public relations, digital assets, and sponsorship packages for up and coming racers featuring asset valuation, and ROI analytics to ensure you’re getting the best product for your team.

We provide every level of service to meet your needs – from a project based package to a full-service, hands on marketing team. Whether you’re just starting out in the motorsports industry or you’re a veteran driver, we have services to meet your needs.

  • The All Inclusive Package: Brand Management, Public Relations, Partnership Marketing, Contract Services and more. We do it all.
  • Content Package: Brand Management, Custom Content, Digital Assets, Marketing Tools, Apparel, Press Releases, Media Training and more.
  • Sales Package: Lead Conversion, Sales Closing, Contract Negotiations, Licensing, Sales and Endorsements, Career Management and more.

Welcome to Hype Motorsports. #GetHyped