Brooke Storer began racing at the age of seven driving go-kart’s in the clay at Dirt Devil Speedway, and has since picked up more than eight track championships and 140 feature wins across the State of Florida. Quickly rising through the ranks, she began racing Full Body Stock Cars at the age of twelve, driving both Pro Trucks and Super Late Models, and picking up six race victories in her first season. At the age of 14 she became the youngest female ever to qualify and start a 100 lap Super Late Model Feature.

At 16, Storer put her own race team together, racing a Sportsman for the next several years. During this time she garnered two track championships, five feature wins and two third place finishes in the WheelMan Series Championship standings.

In 2019, Storer joined the NASCAR Drive for Diversity program and drove the Eibach Springs No.9 in the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series for Rev Racing.

Now Storer eyes more, as she looks to travel the country on a national Late Model circuit.

Fans and potential partners can learn more about Brooke by visiting her website

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