About Hype Motorsports

Partnership Marketing, Content Creation, Brand Management, and Merchandising. We are the one stop shop for developing motorsports athletes to tune their craft and deliver what it takes in the board room to be successful on the racetrack. Welcome to Hype Motorsports.


Brooke Storer Joins Hype Motorsports

September 7, 2020 – Brooke Storer is the latest driver to join the Hype Motorsports stable. The 2019 NASCAR Drive for Diversity driver, comes into the 2020 season with eight track championships, and more than 140 victories to her name. Storer has partnered with Hype Motorsports to further develop her brand and create new partnerships on and off the track.

Jett Noland Joins Hype Motorsports

September 3, 2020 – Jett Noland has signed on with Hype Motorsports to become the agency’s first client. Hype will handle all aspects of Jett’s brand development as he moves up the ladder to the top tiers of American Motorsports.

Brand Development

Hype Motorsports aims to help drivers create and promote their own unique brands through tried and true brand development techniques and new-age marketing. To do that, we leveraging their personalities to build fan-bases and create partnerships with corporate entities.

Whether you’re searching for a new marketing partner, or looking to take the next step in your career development, Hype Motorsports is your one stop shop for in-house marketing, public relations training, and partnership development.

Invest in your career with Hype Motorsports and stand out from the crowd both on and off the racetrack.

“A career in Motorsports requires two things: On-Track success and off-track engagement. We strive to partner the right drivers with the right teams and brands to help them succeed.” – Allick Jorgensen (Hype Motorsports Director of Sales and Marketing)

Partnership Marketing

The right partners mean everything in the business of Motorsports. Whether it’s finding the right series to grow your racing craft, competitive team to push you to the front, or sponsors to solidify your career, Hype Motorsports specializes in cultivating these relationships and finding the right partnership for your growing brand.

We at Hype Motorsports believe drivers and brands work harmoniously to create growth not only on the racetrack, but in the boardroom as well. Utilizing Motorsports as a platform, partners can advertise their brand to potential customers, entertain clients, and find a face for their franchise.

Hype up your Partnerships with Hype Motorsports and create something bigger than what you see at the track.

“Hype Motorsports truly focuses on the relationship between the driver and it’s partners, creating a harmonious relationship for the driver on the track and his/her partner off the track.” – Jett Noland (Hype Motorsports Client)

Content Management

Hype Motorsports was founded on expertly curated content that merges brands and driver’s alike. Put your brand on a pedestal with customized content for your website, social media, and collateral.

From photography to videography, press releases to 30 second product spots, Hype Motorsports is fully equipped to be your in-house marketing team. With more than 10 years of industry experience behind the camera and in the editing bay, there’s no better choice.

Hype up your brand with Hype Motorsports and stand out from the crowd.

“At the end of the day, it’s about getting eyes on your brand. We specialize on captivating your audience with customized Motorsports specific content that truly speaks to your brand.” – Greg Noland (Owner, Hype Motorsports)


It’s all about the brand. Getting your partners as much notoriety outside the track is as important as what you do on the track. Upgrade your image with fully customized branding for the casual fan and the corporate outing alike. We at Hype Motorsports pride ourselves on creating simple, easy to wear, fashionable apparel that can be worn at the track and at the mall.

Take advantage of our fully integrated sales system, that brings your merchandise to the track and directly to the consumer through your personalized online store, and keeps the inventory out of your closet.

“The Hype Motorsports team truly focuses on the development of the driver’s brand as a whole and I can really appreciate that. This allows me to focus on bettering my craft behind the wheel, knowing that things are taken care of in the office.” – Brooke Storer (Client)

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